PRANA, an experience of conscious existence


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Voice of Prana

The voice of Prana embodies the very pristine moments of existence- it is as sublime as flowing nectar and as silent as the glistening sunlight beaming past the clumpy clouds. It manifests itself as the darting birds, scampering squirrels, buzzing bees and trudging turtles all humming in unison; it flows when the tall trees sway side to side allowing raindrops to trickle down to the understory; it giggles when human being comes seeking refuge under the canopy, away from the dean and bustle of the day; it reverberates when we embrace creativity.

Prana is comprised of three aspects: The Garden, Expressions, and Treasures. The Garden of Prana is an eco-lab where curious minds explore earth lifestyle, permaculture and science activities. Expressions are the artistic wings of Prana, where various forms of music, art, theater, writing are explored. Treasures at Prana is there to promote and curate traditional crafts and designs. We invite you all to tune in to the Voice of Prana and explore the various dimensions of Prana.

The Garden

The Expressions


Celebrate at the Garden of Prana

  • Connect With Nature.
  • Discover Wellness.
  • Love Your Inner Self.

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Morning Rejuve

Prana is proudly featuring morning melodies on vocal Sandip ji along with yoga rejuvenation by Robert B.

Aug 24

Tree Tagging

The Garden is ready for tagging the main trees with middle school and high school volunteers. Please enroll your young...

Jun 08

Bee Hive

Prana is ready to buzz with the bees… At the Garden, we will be setting up beehive frames right before...

Jun 04

Mural Project

We have completed more than half of the mural project under the lead artist Mr. Sourav Ghosh. Please come join...

May 01
Garden of Prana

Prana Gallery