To help all to explore life-force through various nature activities and enhance the quality of life. Below are the guiding principles:


  • Conserve Nature
  • Embrace nature activities and discover wellness
  • Align with the natural elements of the earth (sunlight, water and soil) for a balanced life-style
  • Love inner self and enhance the quality of life


All pervading life-force (i.e. Prana) is the binding force of the universe and is all for us to experience and explore in our lifetime. Our goal is to experience prana in every moment of our conscious existence through various nature-centric & earth-living activities, such as: conservation of soil-water and other natural resources, responsible food-practices, mindful health practices, yoga, open-air performing arts. Such experiences of Prana will enhance the quality of life leading to self-discovery and self-love. 


Dr. Debleena Banerji, the Artistic Director of Prana has been the driving force behind this novel project at the Garden. Although her 20+ years scientific career spans between gutsy deep-sea excursion along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and projects in deep-water Gulf of Mexico oil-exploration, she has gradually transitioned in to promoting awareness about earth-living in the greater Houston community. Her passion lies in sharing knowledge about how to establish a balanced existence by harmonizing creative and analytical attributes of oneself. In the recent past, she has produced and directed classics like Selfish Giant and Alice in Wonderland in contemporary drama form.

Dr. T. Raja , the Executive Director of Prana has maintained a very successful dual career in the realm of earth science as well as in the world of music. While his professional career is in the petroleum industry (Phd in Geology) as one of the ace discoverers of Deepwater Gulf of Mexico exploration for the supermajor Royal Dutch Shell, he has also been a very well-known tabla player in the Houston music arena for last 20+ years. His music school at Katy highlights world percussion and was covered by Houston Chronicle in 2009 for this unique contribution to the greater Houston community. He has performed with many well-known musicians in India and US including Ustad Ashish Khan, Pandit Keshav Ginde, Dr. Paul Katz,  Amit Kumar, Abbos Kosimov, Rekha Surya, Dhananjay Kaul et al. Currently he also teaches various genres of drums at Durgabari Kala Bhavan & Arya Samaj of Houston. He has served as the President of Tagore Society of Houston (a non-profit organization) between 2008 and 2011, and pioneered numerous collaborative projects with esteemed local organizations such as UH, Asia Society, Museum of Fine Arts, India Culture Center, Bangladesh Association of Houston etc. He currently serves at the Board of Directors of Tagore Society of Houston and designs various domestic and international cultural events for TSH. He also grooms the young performers of Tagore Society Youth Orchestra ( Raja has been part of an experimental fusion band called Essence of Prana.

Wise Owls

“A wise old owl lived in an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard
Why can’t we all be like that bird?”
-Edward Hersey Richards
The Wise Owls at Prana help us stay aligned with the mission of educating the friends of Prana about the nuances of nature and the goodness of earth life-style. Coming from different walks of life then, the Wise Owl is one of the most versatile and creative team that advices Prana to keep it flowing.

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