Nurturing Creative Minds

“What is art? It is the response of man’s creative soul to the call of the real” - Tagore

Prana Expressions flow like a braided river of creativity via music, theater, art, photography, writing etc. with an objective to enhance life through multi-cultural exchange and heritage. Prana musicals and theatrical presentations are very well-known to be ever colorful whether solo or in group; be it by the young students or professionals.

"Prana’s artistic wing i.e. Prana School of Music has been training musical minds for the past 20 years under the guidance of Dr. Raja Banga. The school was covered by Houston Chronicle in 2009 for its contribution to the community and for bringing people together via music. Prana’s artistic director has produced numerous dramas (Alice in Wonderland, Selfish Giant, Anandi etc.) with young kids and adults. Driven by pure curiosity, Prana kids have been performing as a unique orchestra that experiments with exotic drums and world music. Stay tuned for Prana Orchestra and other performances/workshops at The Garden.

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