Nourishing Your Souls

The Garden of Prana (Prana means life-force) is envisioned to be an open-air lab where all can experience a fun-filled regenerative life-style and various music and art forms in the arms of nature. Click HERE for more on the ongoing projects.

The Garden is located in a Riparian zone west of Katy, TX and comprises 11+ acres of pristine wooded land with impressive biodiversity (various birds, bees, butterflies, turtles, squirrels, owls, deer, raccoon and snakes). To maintain this as a nature conservancy, we only developed 2 acres of the area where activities are limited between the dawn and dusk.

The key attractions of the Garden include the Welcome Center, open-air Yoga deck, open-air performance stage, outdoor nature playground, archery pad, gaga-ball arena and Bell-Bottom nature trail. The Welcome Center is a log cabin built as per passive-solar design, and made out of repurposed logs about 180+years old. The construction of these cabins involved minimal usage of man-made materials (except the roof shingles) and electrical appliances, yet would feel quite comfortable throughout the year- thanks to the phenomenal heat resistivity of these old logs. The open-air deck is a multi-purpose meeting spot that is used for early-morning yoga session for maximizing oxygenation and energy-flow before going about the day’s jobs- is also used for evening yoga for those who missed it in the morning. The open air performance stage is an ideal place for showcasing creative talents by the young minds over at Prana, while the nature-play and archery pad is the hot-spot for gaga-ball, archery, climbing and other fun physical activities, outdoor camping etc. The guided nature trail starts in the Garden, along the Bell-Bottom Creek and then connects the visitors with the Brazos flood plain and its role in controlling mega-flooding events such as Harvey.