Ongoing Projects

The Garden is a nature lab that provides a curious mind with a multitude of opportunities to explore and study SE Texas wildlife diversity, ecology, Brazos drainage network, permaculture practices (soil, rainwater & solar), land use & land cover changes, regenerative food practices etc. Stay tuned for joining various collaborative projects with local universities and agencies, local student-chapters and scout groups. Also volunteering opportunities exist for the local High School students.

Past Projects/Events

Tabla Workshop By Pandit Abhijit Banerjee (May 2024)

Tabla exponent Pandit Abhijit Banerjee provided the students of percussion with a priceless lesson of their lifetime. The participants were very much eager to learn and enjoyed the long afternoon session with the Maestro in the Garden of Prana.

Morning Jugalbaandi on Sitar & Tabla 2024

Prana was honored to host the maestro-duo Pandit Partha Bose and Pandit Abhijit Banerjee on May 4 as the last spring event. Followed by the yoga and mindfulness session offered by Robert Boustany the visitors at the Garden of Prana were all grounded and ready for an ecstatic musical session. The nuances of beautiful morning raga Alhaia Bilawal filled the hearts of the audience with a mix of  joy and devotion, while Raga Desi rendered an overwhelming experience to the music lovers. Indeed it was a fulfilling morning for the body mind and soul. Chetana Samal, a long-time friend of Prana captured some moments here:

Morning melodies on Sitar 2024

The first concert of 2024 ushering in Spring. The wooded landscape carefully maintaining its natural ambience is so refreshing, the lush green of spring so soothing. Garden of Prana, is like an oasis amidst our busy city life. The blissful morning began with Pranic Yoga led by Houston’s yogi Robert Boustany of Pralaya Yoga. It was an overwhelming lingering experience, aligning ourselves in nature with subtle movements of body mind and soul. The yoga event was followed by a very hearty satvik breakfast. The event reached its peak with ethereal music on sitar by Shri Supratik Sengupta accompanied on tabla by Houston’s very own Shri Raja Banga.

Morning Melodies on Violin (Oct 2023)

Prana wanted to morph a tranquil morning at the Garden of Prana into an open-air musical experience. This was materialized when an exponent of violin came to town on October 28 and was available on the early Fall Saturday morning to share his music with the Lovers of Prana. Pallab ji has been endowed with a sweet melody-making capability as well as all the depth of classical music. The accompaniment on the drums by the in-house expert Raja ji made the morning truly a transcendental and meditative one.  The passionate souls at Prana- Essence of Life got the real taste of nature soaking when the chirping of birds and whisper of the breeze got fused with the music created by the two experts. Please listen to the excerpt from the session: Click Here

Soil, Food & Health Session 2023

Prana Soil-Food-Health session of Fall 2023 featured two engineers from India and Singapore who turned themselves in to global champions of regenerative farming promoting the very essence of health-food. Satyajit and Dheeru, from the Two Brothers Organic Farm (TBOF) enlightened the attendees with the fundamentals of why the health of soil is directly related to the health of human health and psyche. As noted down by Monalisa, a participant, the morning “was spent in a tranquil environment with Prana- Essence of Life in company of passionate souls advocating for sustainability, healthy living, self awareness- in nutshell living in happiness in harmony with the universe. The event highlights included yoga (amidst wilderness), and education on benefits and commercial challenges of organic farming”. The spectacular solar eclipse was obviously the cherry on the top!


Balaka, another participant opines that “loading up on such powerful, grounding knowledge about the subtle things in our food that support our life, along with the wonderful moong sprout salad, raagi upma, and herbal spice tea and samplings from Satyajit’s organic farm was a complete treat for the body, mind, and soul”.


We also had a retired top civil servant from India who has been a great driving force behind promoting village-based micro-economic model which allows room for regenerative nutrition farming that does not lead to depleted soil as a by-product. Hence the soil-health is maintained intrinsically without the need for harmful chemicals promoted at the global scale.


Please listen to the excerpt from the session: Click Here

Scout Camp 2023

A fun-packed half-day Earth Sciences Camp on July 8, 2023 was designed for a group of middle schoolers from the Greater Houston area. The camp was comprised of classroom-session as well as an ecology trip around the Garden of Prana. Exploring, engaging and understanding the role of nature in our life was the key message delivered to the young minds middle schoolers. They learnt not only about the interior of the earth, but also how the planet runs on an amazingly tenuous balance that governs the global climate. They are taught rocks & mineralogy with spectacular samples displayed by the volunteering geoscientists from Shell. These young minds left the Garden quite a bit smarter at the end of the session.

Summer Camp 2021

Prana designed and hosted a day-long Ecology Camp in July 2021 for a group of students from the Cypress ISD coordinated by Dr. Misha Chakraborty of Texas A&M (sponsored by Harris County education grant). The camp was a combined session in the classroom as well as a field-trip to the Garden of Prana and Bessies Creek swamp. Exploring, engaging and understanding the role of nature in our life was the key message delivered to the youth of middle school and high school. Being with nature, restoring nature and growing your own food were some of the important topics discussed during the day. A guest lecture on Yellowstone was presented by the Mayor of Pattison, Mr Joe Garcia. The classroom presentation was hosted at the Royal Stem Academy.

Biodiversity Session 2021

Biologist and Wetland Architect Ms. Mary Carol of Green Star who visited the Garden of Prana on Sept 03, 2021 and passionately went over a number of flora thriving under the Garden canopy. She also shared an interesting lore about Hackberry and Sugarberry nectar. Our extra bonus of the day was to chance upon a cute little Gulf Coast Box Turtle!!