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“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein


A beautiful, refreshing wilderness, tucked away in rural Pattison awaits all. Old trees with huge canopies are homes to big birds like hawks, owls, eagles, kites,  and many more. The brushes provide homes to cardinals, jays, bluebirds, chickadees. Woodpeckers are seen busy building nests and hunting for food in the trees. Wild and native plants such as Texas Redbuds, Mexican Plum, Turks Cap, American Beautyberry, Muscadine grape-vines, Osage Orange provide wildlife with food and shelter. Native grass and forbs are encouraged as they form an ideal habitat for wildlife depending on these plants for food and cover and nesting. Wild and native flowers here not only adorn the naturescape but also encourage a healthy bee and butterfly population. Shady areas by the creeks provide perfect habitat for the water-loving flora and small creatures like Gulf Coast Box Turtles and various snakes. Please click HERE for more attractions of the Garden

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