Prana is here to inculcate aspects of physical and mental wellbeing through the quad of “nature soaking-nutrition-yoga-music”. Irrespective of whether visiting the Garden of Prana or not, one can always maintain conscious existence by gauging a number of simple practices.

These practices include:

  1. Duration of nature soaking and barefoot grounding on grass (tune into the infra-red hour),
  2. Maximize Vitamin-D intake,Maximize UV-B intake,
  3. Active pranayama,
  4. Practicing yoga postures,
  5. Contemplation and introspection,
  6. Eating cruelty-free pranic food (i.e. avoiding processed and tamasic food),
  7. Listening to meditative music,
  8. Journaling your day and finally,
  9. Tuning into compassion and empathy (“did you hurt anyone by your speech or act”)?

We invite all to log these 10 health parameters, called “Pranathon“, as part of the daily routine for a better and healthy life. Prana will soon come up with an app to help the Lovers of Prana to stay the course, a course that is self-defined and self monitored.